Kahokia is a Brooklyn based design and fabrication studio that focuses on functional goods made for the home or office. Geared towards making connections with the people that use our products, our designs reflect function as well as beauty, offering handmade products that are graceful and unique. We truly enjoy connecting with the people that use our products as much as making them in our local work shop.

Kahokia was founded in 2012 by Aaron Ashanti Black and Dan Bina. They met at Christie’s Auction House in Midtown Manhattan as art handlers. Dan was working with the 20th Century Decorative Arts department and Aaron was working with the Fine Musical Instruments and Popular Culture departments. Sharing a warehouse wall, each morning they would drink coffee and talk, sometimes for hours, almost forgetting that there was work to be done. One day during a lunch break, the two hatched a design for a mens wall valet to store watches, sunglasses and other accessories. Thus, their first product the “Manity” was born. From there they have moved into smaller home and office goods, custom furniture, frames, unique canvas stretchers and artist installations. This site was started as a place to sell goods online, build kahokia as a brand and tell it’s story.

To find out more about who they are, please visit the About Us page and have a read. Wood is good. kahokia

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